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Sam Kinsley : Drawings

Fri. April 23rd 2010 - Thu. April 29th 2010
Sam Kinsley is visiting Victoria and showing en route!

a counting
a visual representations of my accounts
counting out
account numbers
numbers of accounts
numbers in accounts

Some drawings reflecting my current financial identity. The sum of the arbitrary numbers given to attach me to my accounts, and sum of the amounts in my accounts.

Video by ExibitV:
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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Solar Tempests: Elyse Longair - Jan 20th @ Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery

Solar Tempests: Elyse Longair

Friday Jan. 4th until Fri. January 25th
Elyse Longair Solo Exhibition: 'Solar Tempests' at The Ministry Of Casual Living Gallery.

Open 24 Hours.

Everyone Welcome!

En Lieu of an opening feel free to send along a photo of you with the art, #elyselongair @elyselongair Read More

Coming Up

Block Mirror: Marlene Jess - Jan 20th @ Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery

Block Mirror: Marlene Jess

Saturday Jan. 26th until Sat. February 16th
In the age of disembodiment, I believe humans may struggle for the capacity to maintain a sense of self beyond the accompaniment of a personal technological device. The device can record, alter and preserve the user’s sense of self for them. In a way, the device serves as a personal mirror.

I a... Read More