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Margaret Briere : Concrete Jungle

Fri. June 5th 2015 - Fri. June 19th 2015
@  Odeon Alley
Concrete Jungle portrays my experience of land location as an urban Native person. These pieces are a culmination of environmental devastation, family dissolve, identity development through inherited family and spiritual connections.
My ancestral roots are in the mainland, west from Vancouver BC. In a village, referred to as Shishalh territory. My urban identity is highly influenced by the legacy of what my relatives before me left behind. They had to adjust from village life to city life. I am carrying on their message by demonstrating it in my own unique way. This is demonstrated through art, and how I live in many worlds today. First by living and finding culture in the city life-style as a Native two-spirited person and secondly, being a woman and how all of this plays into my identity in the modern context today. The older generation in my family would often travel over to Vancouver from their smaller village, as did I on my own when I was 12 years old. I carried on this modern contextual tradition of commuting, from Victoria (Lekwungen), to Vancouver and to Shishalh. The generational afflictions of colonization via government policies hit my family devastatingly so and therefore severed a lot of relationships which resulted in affecting future generations to come. As family is very important to me, I attribute these remaining two piece's in recognition of my ancestral family lineage. For example, my grandmother who I never met, she passed away in Vancouver on East Hastings in the 1960's. I have heard many stories of her traveling back and forth from Shishalh and Vancouver quite a bit. Lastly, in recognition of my life through the Women who came before me, the humming bird symbolizes my personal spiritual connection of unconditional love and healing abilities. I found a way to balance my life of culture in combination to my metropolitan experiences. With all the obstacles that get in the way, it has not stopped me from living the life I am meant to live.”

Each piece is 18" x 24" on canvas panel
Materials:Acrylic paint, industrial spray paint
price: 225 each

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Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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