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Sergio Rojas Chaves : House Plants on Tour

Sat. January 23rd 2016
@  PedalBox Gallery , starting at 1056A North Park
Recently I have been interested in the dialogue between Indoor and Outdoor species. This interest has led me to carry out a series of walks with my house plants around the city of
Victoria in an effort to understand how they exist in both spaces and also wanting to give them an experience they have never had before.

'Indoor' is a human concept; Nature, in turn, is not. We insist on bringing nature into our indoor spaces in order to control it. We have domesticated species of plants and animals, controlling their behaviors and fostering interdependent relationships. By adapting species to our liking we have anthropomorphized the plants we have domesticated.

It is silly to take an indoor plant out for a ride... Or is it? A plant will never display any gratitude or reaction of the excursion we will take them on like a pet might. Like animals, plant
species live in a community within an environment but by potting them and bringing them into our homes they become a product of consumerism. Spending time with these indoor plant
species draws attention to the parallels between our own living and growing within a community.

We invite you to share your lovely plants with us for this artistic action! They will be taken care of and brought back to you after our ride. They will get to see the city and the ocean, they will also feel the wind and the rain on their leaves. You are also welcome to ride along with us and take part of this tour experience! We will depart from the Ministry of Casual Living at 1pm on January 23rd, If you would like your plant picked up before the event please e-mail

MoCL thanks the City of Victoria strategic planning grant for their generous support of this project.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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Menticality: Kaitlyn Dunsmore - Apr 23rd @ Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery

Menticality: Kaitlyn Dunsmore

Friday Apr. 19th until Fri. May 10th
Kaitlyn Dunsmore is an interdisciplinary artist from Glasgow, Scotland. She received a Ba (Hons) in Contemporary Art Practice from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, and has since received an MFA from the University of Victoria. Her work is an exploration of paradoxical and binary relationships. By c... Read More

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Artist Market: Elise Hendrickson, Stefanie Mudry - Apr 23rd @ The Ministry of Casual Living

Artist Market: Elise Hendrickson, Stefanie Mudry

Friday May. 3rd until Sun. May 5th
Artist Market

Ministry of Casual Living,
Devonshire Studio Gallery,
858 Devonshire Road

Friday, May 3, 1-8pm
Saturday, May 4, 11am-5pm
Sunday, May 5, 11am-5pm

Come experience our first ever Artist Market!
Local artists of varied practices will gather, sell and showcase their wares.... Read More
Fri, May 3, 1-8pm, Sat May 4, 11am-5pm, Sun, May 5, 11am-5pm
@  The Ministry of Casual Living
Moonlight 2019: Anne-Marie Fortin - Apr 23rd @ The Ministry of Casual Living

Moonlight 2019: Anne-Marie Fortin

Friday Apr. 26th until Sun. April 28th
Anne-Marie Fortin
Moonlight 2019

Moonlight has been created during the Bonnie McComb Kreye Residency. This installation is structured around dialectic movements (opposition and analogies) inviting the viewer to reorganize the meaning of what is there for them to see.

The philosophical disc... Read More
Friday 7-10pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-5pm
@  The Ministry of Casual Living