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Cryptosmear: Shawn Shepherd

Sat. August 4th 2018 - Sat. August 18th 2018 24-7
For several years the developing cryptocurrency market has managed to operate as an unregulated and often hyped frontier, much like the art market. As the "crypto" world expands so does the language associated with it. Old school financial corporations and governments seeing the cryptocurrency realm as a possible loss to their empires have launched smear campaigns against crypto. Jargon such as FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) has been invented to address the virtual psychological war. FUD campaigns are a common negative occurrence on the internet. Now lets have a big jolly smile for the ancient art of painting!

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Moonlight 2019: Anne-Marie Fortin - Apr 19th @ The Ministry of Casual Living

Moonlight 2019: Anne-Marie Fortin

Friday Apr. 26th until Sun. April 28th
Anne-Marie Fortin
Moonlight 2019

Moonlight has been created during the Bonnie McComb Kreye Residency. This installation is structured around dialectic movements (opposition and analogies) inviting the viewer to reorganize the meaning of what is there for them to see.

The philosophical disc... Read More
Friday 7-10pm, Sat 12-5pm, Sun 12-5pm
@  The Ministry of Casual Living
Menticality: Kaitlyn Dunsmore - Apr 19th @ Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery

Menticality: Kaitlyn Dunsmore

Friday Apr. 19th until Fri. May 10th
Kaitlyn Dunsmore is an interdisciplinary artist from Glasgow, Scotland. She received a Ba (Hons) in Contemporary Art Practice from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, and has since received an MFA from the University of Victoria. Her work is an exploration of paradoxical and binary relationships. By c... Read More