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New Beginning: Luke Garrison

Sat. September 8th 2018 - Sat. September 29th 2018
What can be said of this --a war of attrition-- in every sense in this amphitheatre of cloak and dagger?
It would seem we are doomed to experience a miserable downward trajectory...But if this were not so?"
"This work is eschatological in scope. In absolute terms, it embraces that cosmic events are taking place-
all culminating into what will be a New Beginning."
Luke Garrison - Local Artist

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Solar Tempests: Elyse Longair - Jan 22nd @ Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery

Solar Tempests: Elyse Longair

Friday Jan. 4th until Fri. January 25th
Elyse Longair Solo Exhibition: 'Solar Tempests' at The Ministry Of Casual Living Gallery.

Open 24 Hours.

Everyone Welcome!

En Lieu of an opening feel free to send along a photo of you with the art, #elyselongair @elyselongair Read More

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Block Mirror: Marlene Jess - Jan 22nd @ Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery

Block Mirror: Marlene Jess

Saturday Jan. 26th until Sat. February 16th
In the age of disembodiment, I believe humans may struggle for the capacity to maintain a sense of self beyond the accompaniment of a personal technological device. The device can record, alter and preserve the user’s sense of self for them. In a way, the device serves as a personal mirror.

I a... Read More