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Busy Town: Megan Krauss

Tue. November 6th 2018 - Tue. November 27th 2018
Meghan Krauss

Busy Town 2018
Panoramic inkjet print on vinyl
3' X 7'

In 2015, I moved to Victoria, BC, from Banff National Park. While living in Banff, an area that attracts over 3 million visitors per year, my interest in tourism was sparked by these incredible numbers. I find the millions of photographs taken by people who visit picturesque places fascinating. The idea that regardless of where we find ourselves in this world, we are compelled to document our surroundings and share our experiences.
Inevitably, the exploration of my surroundings influences how I view the world, bringing my attention towards the transit that occurs on the waterway of Victoria Harbour. As a harbour, seaport, and seaplane airport, Victoria Harbour serves as a cruise ship and ferry destination for tourists, visitors and locals alike, to both the city and Vancouver Island.
I explore these ideas by creating large-scale panoramic photomontages where multiple images of tourists and in the case of Busy Town, watercrafts, are compressed into a single image. These duplications represent the constant flow of life that exists around us, which we rarely make direct observations of. Although a seemingly simple concept to use this method of photomontage to compress tourists and vessels into a single image, I am visualizing how people interact with each other while out exploring the environments in which they find themselves.

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