Too Much of A Good Thing - Rachel Evans and kids!

Mon. March 22nd 2010 - Fri. April 2nd 2010
"Too Much of A Good Thing" - A BC SPCA Kid's Club Art Exhibition

Rachel Evans says:

Hey, the BC SPCA Kids Club kids want you to spay or neuter your cat. Why? Because just one unspayed cat can result in 864 kittens in just 2 years! If her kittens have kittens - well you can imagine how many cats that would create. If you can't imagine it, you can drop by the Ministry of Casual Living between now and April 1st and see the awesome group painting we made to SHOW you the problem.

While you're contemplating this very serious animal welfare issue, you might also want to consider NOT dumping that rabbit you got last Easter at the U-Vic or Camosun Campus. Or better yet, don't get or give a rabbit for Easter in the first place. Feral rabbits are like lost socks in this town, they just keep turning up everywhere. We made some lost sock rabbit puppets to remind you that the out of sight, out of mind thing doesn't work when it comes to your pets. When you abandon a rabbit it can create a lot of problems for the animal and the ecosystem too. We don't know exactly how many feral rabbits are in Victoria, because we are only 8-12 years old and haven't learned exponential numbers yet, but we do know it's TOO MANY!

Hey, we've got nothing against cats and rabbits. Actually, we love the critters! We just want to remind people to take responsibility for their animals, so each one can find a loving home, because you really can have too much of a good thing. If you want to learn more about BC SPCA kids club you can visit
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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