Two Hearts and Heidi Nagtegaal : Love Child

Sat. July 30th 2011 - Fri. August 5th 2011
LOVE CHILD sexed out of a dear friendship where artistic practice, and personal styles so fully inter-lap to the point where own little worlds in our personal homes, embody neighbouring theme parks of whimsy, intellect, curiosity and delight, and intend to lovingly combine our creativity and aesthetics in a singular space.

Two Hearts and Nagtegaal will create a site specific, time based project, called LOVE CHILD for the MOCL, embodying the space into a full scale installation, using collages, extreme craft, fluorescent clotheslines, multi coloured homemade rugs, gods eyes, tents, and perpetual potlucks, events, discussions (etc), which would be open to the community. Nagtegaal and Two Hearts would reside in the gallery, under the shelter of an orange pup tent, toning the exhibition with love, friendship, community, and trust, circumvented by explosions of magnum lava creative explorations, known only to us and the community around the MOCL.

Read on for a schedule of workshops and fun:

EVERY DAY: open studio 11am - 6pm.

Doors open at 11 am!
Cosby show in the afternoon 12-3pm
Workshop/open studio/discussion/potluck 3-6pm


On Monday, 3-6, Heidi will teach us how to make a Rug!

On Tuesday, 3-6, there's an open rug-making studio to practice our skillz!

On Wednesday, 3-6, Mandy will teach us how to make grass coiled baskets!

On Thursday, 3-6, there's an open grass coiled basket studio for skillz!

On Friday, 3-6, we finish all our projects and get ready for the evening opening, which will also be a costume party, and everyone can take pictures in our installation + wear Mandy's art.

Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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