OFF LABLE Halloween Film Screening

Mon. October 31st 2011
OFF LABLE Halloween Film Screenings

The DIGITAL ART WEEKS program is concerned with the application of digital technology in the arts. The Digital Art Weeks program offers insight into innovations in art and technology and illustrates resulting synergies in a series of performances, installations and screenings. For the Digital Art Weeks program in Vancouver Island, an entire evening of digital screenings has been organized. Both works from the Swiss film maker, Kilian Dellers and the Canadian Film maker Flick Harrison.

Portrait Out of Season, Killian Dellers

The non-narrative animation film works of the multi-talented artist Kilian Dellers are full of change, movement and a sense of joy in expression. Together with jazz musicians from Vancouver he improvises to the presentation of his animations films.Vision, Yvonne, Cloud in trousers, are three films that have been shown worldwide and have been awarded at many international film festivals. On a black ground white, unobjective shapes appear, vanish again or superimpose each other. Black forms complementary shapes to white. It is a fighting between one-sideness and harmony, clearness and confusion, dullness and radiance. The exaggerated accumulation of symbol-bearing objects like food, everyday things, photographs in the developement of the scene, already aesthetically overloaded in itself, inevitably turns into destruction and chaos. Then a picture of longing appears in the evening light behind a tree. The films are moving in circles, the end is close to the beginning. It's the archaic need of personal developppement of forms that meets the eternals laws of stillness.

Portrait In Season, Flick Harrison

Flick Harrison is a media artist-educator whose creative vectors intersect with theatre, dance, video, and interactive design, focusing on the boundary between propaganda and confusion, conflict and peace, the way that certainties crumble while chaos coalesces into focus. His films span the world from China to Mexico to Pakistan and back to Vancouver, revealing a perpendicular dimension of psychedelic polemic, futurist history, and anti-social studies. RIP-DOA is a meditation on 3D television and the Na'vi that takes James Cameron's medium and smashes it into his message. War Torn Man is a new music video for Rodney Decroo, about Decroo's father's battles with post-traumatic stress after Vietnam. In Flirt, from a 1921 futurist script, a live-action Venos de Cnidos struggles to keep her respectability inside the bell jar. Beijing Bike Less looks at the fall of the bicycle in status-conscious China as development and economics push cars and freeways forward.

"The films of Flick Harrison promise to provoke a range of reactions, from simple disgust to something as noble as social enlightenment." - Katherine Monk, Vancouver Sun
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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