Remember : Farheen HaQ

Sun. October 15th 2006 - Sun. October 29th 2006
This video projection is viewable from 6pm - 10pm daily.

Remember is a simple yet evocative video triptych that invites viewers into a meditative space. The installation explores simple gestures with the tasbeeh (Islamic prayer beads) as a way to perform, deconstruct and create ritual. The individual beads of the tasbeeh become metaphors for humans and our spiritual seeking. The first panel of the piece highlights repetition and the circle as a symbol of community. The second panel deconstructs the circle of beads and allows them to fall freely. The resulting sound echoes the uncontained nature of the clattering beads. In the third panel, the artist slowly rearranges the fallen beads to form a new horizon. This horizon is created with deliberation by her own hand and it is a place of imagination and endless possibility.

Farheen HaQ is a video artist living and working in Victoria BC. She has exhibited internationally including galleries in New York, Los Angeles, Pakistan,Vancouver and Toronto. Her work appears in the anthologies /Imagining Ourselves/ (New World Library, 2006) and /Voices of Resistance/ (Seal Press, 2006). HaQ holds a Masters in Fine Arts from York University. For more information visit

* The artist would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of the British Columbia Arts Council.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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