Things I Can Put On My Head : Peter Kingstone

Fri. June 30th 2006 - Fri. July 14th 2006
Things I Can Put On My Head is a photo series of large diptychs. These photos are a play between basement amateur pornography and furniture design. Each piece of furniture the model is lounging upon is of design note- from the dining room table LC10-P designed by Le Corbusier, to the couch “Andy” designed by Paolo Piva. One would expect these high priced items to be in a well-dressed living room but instead these images are taken against bare white walls of a basement apartment. This dislocation of the furniture creates an excitement within the viewer; a narrative is built akin to seeing images of models lounging on the hoods of sports cars.
Peter Kingstone is an award winning Toronto based video installation artist and photographer. He also makes single channel videos that have played in festivals around the world. He won the prestigious 2004 Untitled Art Award in Toronto for the Best Solo Exhibition in an Alternate Space for Strange Case of Peter K. (1974-2004).
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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