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100% Mexicano - New Animation from Mexico : Curated by Jose Luis Campos Guizar

Fri. September 19th 2008
Sept 19 - 27, Viewable Nightly 7pm - 11pm

This project is presented in conjunction with the 10th annual Antimatter Film Festival in Victoria, BC.

Originating from the febrile terrain of la frontera of Baja California and reaching deep into the heart of Mexico (and beyond), a new wave of award-winning hybrid animation from a new generation of young creators promises sonic and ocular overload and 100% satisfacción.

She Dreamt We Dreamt
Marco Casado | 2007 | 4:15
A farce based on a true story: with love, jealousy, hate and reconciliation.

Una Frase de Kerouac
Marco Casado | 2007 | 3:15
The story of an affection. Composed of fragments.

Te Amo
Ieve González | 2007 | 2:45
A brief dissection of love and pain. When the urban environment oppresses her, the narrator externalises her suffering through images.

Dubble Layer
Jorge Hauss | 2006 | 1:55
A strange story of self-harm and replication.

Ichtys Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Pablo Cotama | 2007 | 1:15
The foreshortened odyssey of a little fish out of water.

Vestido Cosido
Alejandra Alarcón | 2007 | 0:35
A piece of raw meat ravages a dress, and after enjoying it, decides to stick around.

Pedro Jiménez | 2007 | 4:45
An inventory of vegetation becomes a journey of contemplation.

Ofrenda Oaxaqueña
Bruno Varela | 2007 | 1:38
Upside-down ethnography in the time of cholera and friction.

El Viaje de Niko / Niko et la Berlve
Elena Pardo | 2006 | 03:00
Niko stumbles upon a magic object which allows him travel to other realms.

Bruno Varela | 2007 | 2:16
The choreography of genetic modification.

In / Between
Daniela Paasch | 2007 | 5:00
A woman reflects on the liminal aspects of her life.

KX: Xnografikz Xipe Rework of E-Scape
Arturo Gil Olvera | 2006 | 4:00
Kinaesthetic exercise inspired by a fascination of the human muscular system. A “skinned” video.

Popotla Sound Machine
Arturo Gil Olvera | 2007 | 3:00
A stroll through the Colonia Popotla in Mexico City, while the filmmaker reflects on the Spanish “conquest” of Mexico

Juan Carlos de la Parra | 2006 | 3:44
“Radioscope” is a term comprising the words “radio”—a modulation of electromagnetic waves with frequencies below visual light, and “scope”—a visual tool. Radioscope is also an instrument to measure radioactivity.

Jose Luis Campos Guizar is a visual artist, curator, documentarian and cultural promoter. Campos is the Coordinator General at the Instituto de Cultura in Baja California, Mexico, as well as the coordinator of the Bienal Internacional de Video y Cine Contemporáneo (VideoFest 2K8) in Baja California—a national competition for experimental Mexican video work. 100% Mexicano is his latest curatorial compilation. After its premiere at Antimatter, this touring program will travel to the Galeria B-O-R-D-E-R in Mexico City and then to the Madrid Tentación Festival in Madrid, Spain
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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