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Film by Pål Gusdal Jomås

Fri. July 27th 2007
Film by Pål Gusdal Jomås
Screenings, July 27 - August 3
Opening Reception: Friday 27, 8pm
Talk: 9pm

Artist, Collaborators and Participants in Attendance.

All are welcome.

My film Ministry of Casual Living, was made in collaboration with the Ministry of Casual Living in January 2007 as part of my one week solo exhibition at the Ministry.

My film was created together with young adults in Victoria who were willing to be interviewed for this project. The participants in the film are elaborating about their personal ideas of self projection. The film aims to question the portrayal of young adults in response to the idea of the explained person, as something everyone has to answer for. All interviews were unrehearsed and are a response to the created situation and their own grabbed words and will to explain. Identity and who controls it or directs it is the major theme in this film.

The film was only made possible with the engagement of all participants and Jay Morrit.

I am a Norwegian artist, that has been living in Winnipeg, Canada for the past year. I am formally educated from Bergen National Academy of the Arts. My major working themes include exploring an interview style video that combines the classic technical style of photographic still portraiture with contemporary video. Video-portraits are what enables me to question and evoke personal topics about concepts that are important to the (voluntary) participants I involve.

I wish to thank the City of Bergen, The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa and Martha Street Studio in Winnipeg for the (continuing) support in my artistic practice.

Pål Gusdal Jomås
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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