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Marlene Bouchard & Michael Jess : MAP

Thu. October 30th 2008
October 30 - November 12, 2008

Reminiscent of Buckminster Fuller's alternative sectional arrangement of a geographic placement this project utilizes the map as an agent for re-interpretation. Even accross seemingly exhausted grounds, maps uncover realities previously unseen or unimagined. In attempts to create dissimilar relationships between Greater Victoria's neighborhoods, focus is placed on viewing sections of the city from multiple angles.

Marlene neighbourhood assignment
After a full magnetic moon and some time lapse, the need for a new but familiar project developed. A long day trek up a mountain to three thin waterfalls helped me realize that mapping was in the cards.

Within two days of this decision, a file folder, two books and knowledge via human exchange sparked a return to map study.

Some simple reminders:
The chief purpose of mapping is:
-Information classification
-Selective representation of reality
-An attempt to make sense of the world

There is also mapping for visionary purposes. My interest is in using maps as an agent for urban re-interpretation. With a hint of effective communication on my part, inquiry about collaboration with Micheal Jess (cognitive maps) is processed and successful.

Micheal Jess...routine cognitive maps

A write up:
Routines and placements are all connected to the algorithms we tend to forget. The process of this show is no different. The cognitive mapping of my brain leaves no one wondering as I share the areas I've lived and the routines I follow. I have lived, worked, and risen everyday, leading me to simultaneous end/beginning. For those who feel in the obscurities of attempting to map what and why we are and where we are are not alone. Thankfully, taking notice is a good start.

A man's fear is a call to be tested.

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