Stephanie Bjornson : Ultra Coordinated Sportswear for the fashion conscious _______.

Sat. July 26th 2008
July 26 - Aug 7, Reception Friday Aug 1, 8pm

Perry Ellis’ statement regarding 1980’s ladies casual fashion was: “Ultra coordinated sports wear for the status conscious girl.” A plethora of very expensive cashmere and cotton sweaters, paired with tennis outfits, pastels with white piping and matching leg warmers. This is mostly a vomitesque image in the post-punk era in reference. After reading this I could finally understand what it is I love about really good stripes, piping, pastels, neons and geometric shapes on vintage ‘80’s track suits.

Stephanie Bjornson aka Magnus did her degree at ECIAD, where she was known for her love of DIY fashion show extravaganzas, building colossal art works in polyester, used wigs and lace and her comedy mind.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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