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Zoe Kreye : Dedicated to you

Fri. March 30th 2007
March 30 - April 5

The Ministry of Casual Living, March 30-April 5
1442 Haultain St.
Opening, Friday March 30, 8pm

Anonymous said...
I had never noticed before that this island looks like an elephant or a woolly mammoth or a rhinoceros.
48°25' 41.21"N 123°17'55.89"W

The idea of this project is to collect location-specific stories, memories, narrative, facts and investigations from your personal experiences of living in Victoria, BC, Canada. I will collect these stories and attach them to Google Earth - so when people view the interactive map of Victoria, your memories will appear, infiltrating and contributing to the collective portrait of the city. Landscape retains history. Walk down any familiar street and your memory is constantly triggered by mundane and significant events that relate directly to that location. Write your story, find the exact location that inspired it and post it here.

Anonymous said...
There's a buoy here in the summer that I like to swim out to and wrap my legs around and float with my head in the water. I took my girlfriend there and she loves it too, and we figured out how we can both wrap our legs around it and float together.
48°30'50.97"N 123°23'31.60"W
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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