Chandra Melting Tallow : Floodlands

Mon. February 25th 2013 - Fri. March 15th 2013
@  764 Yates Street, Odeon Alley
Using textiles, pigments and found objects, accelerating and guiding the influence of gravity, Floodlands reflects the artist's experience moving through and overcoming historical trauma. This is demonstrated within the context of a greater social movement of mass healing, as exemplified by Idle No More. Immersing the viewer in negative space, this work seeks to reconcile the experience of bearing witness to the continual struggle of loved ones affected by colonization. It suggests a flowing motion toward reconciliation and creative mending invoking the raw, real evidence of trauma, while embracing the momentum of history. The artist's work explores hard new directions of the personal process of decolonization in the midst of social awakening and celebration.

Chandra Melting Tallow is a multidisciplinary artist, an exploratory musician performing as Mourning Coup, and a member of the Siksika Nation. Her performances and installations have been exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, Victoria, Ottawa, Vancouver and Istanbul. Her practice explores ancestral relationships, the influence of the spirit landscape, decolonization, and the implications of trauma across time.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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