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100 Artists in One Day

Sat. May 18th 2013
@  Ministry of Casual Living
8am - 12pm
In the ambitious tradition of providing the community with
an accesible exhibition space, the Ministry of Casual Living
is proud to present 100 ARTISTS IN ONE DAY.

Starting at 8am on May 18th, we will be showcasing 100
different artists for approximately 8 minutes each
throughout the day in our Odeon Alley exhibition space.

Open call for submissions!!

If you would like to be one of the artists who are displayed,
please e-mail a brief description/photos of your art and what time
works for you to ARTISTS) and we'll be able
to slot you in!

If you can't physically make it on the 18th, we invite you to present
any instructions/ideas that our volunteers will be able to carry out
for you.

This is not limited to visual artists! If you have any idea on how to
hold the space let us know!

A detailed picture of the display window with dimensions may be
provided if needed.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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