Joseph Reville: ProVanity

Wed. January 1st 2014 - Fri. January 31st 2014
@  Decade clothing window
We were sitting in a circle

Three of us

At 7am

On the stage in the square

Joseph had had a dream about an indigenous storyteller

We drank coffee

Then there was the couch
In the tent

During the ‘safety meeting’

We talked about hope

We talked about Kelowna

We talked about the autonomous community we built in the middle of the city

We smoked weed

He was selling prints on the street in front of Chapters 1.5 years later

Digitally filtered photos of different places around BC

Joseph Reville lives in different locations around Victoria and Kelowna

His photos are autobiographical. Depicting places he has been, and people he has known.

Curated by Jonathan Dowdall
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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