Shoy : Depressed Man with Yellow Birds

Thu. January 9th 2014 - Sat. January 18th 2014
@  Odeon Alley
Shoy is an emerging multidisciplinary artist that lives and works in Victoria, BC. Shoy's does puppeteering, collage, painting, performance. This is his first public showing of his work.

He works with Oil, Acrylic and Glue. His favourite colour to work with is titanium black. Also working with plastic and felt, paper and cotton. Each piece is made up of a material that has played a part in his life.

Shoy talks a little more in depth about the peices in the window
"Cut outs from lanyards from old office jobs, shirts that don’t fit my changing body shape, paper recycled from bad news letters and chocolate bar wrappers that torment my soul. When I was young I loved the word tapestry. What is a Tapestry? I would look the world up in the dictionary and the definition that was meant to give this word 'tapestry' meaning never seemed to do it justice, in fact I felt it an out and out betrayal of what it meant. Much of the work you see is about me trying to explore, in my own face, tapestry."
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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