FUTUREPAST: David Gifford, Shawn Shepherd, Doug Jarvis, Isaac Flagg, Cameron Kidd, Peter Allen, Ryan Thompson, Lee McClure, Erik Volet, Serina Zapf, Emily Goodden , Stefan Thompson

Fri. January 24th 2014 - Sat. January 25th 2014
@  819 Fort Street (All Ages)
7pm - 10pm
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRAND OPENING SALON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A homage to the 11 year 10 month PAST and unknown FUTURE of the artist-run centre the Ministry of Casual Living, opening of our new home on Unceded Coast Salish Territories (in downtown Victoria, BC)
Located at 819 Fort St.
The opening will be January 24th & 25th @ 7pm - 10pm
(((( 2 GALLERIES | 50 ARTISTS ))))
We would like all of our visitors/artists to answer the question
"What does artist-run culture mean to you?"

Participating Artists:

Liam Lloyd
Henry Bear Lloyd
Sylvia Munson
Kenny Poppins
Erin Salazar
Tyler Witzel
Aaron Rossner
Debora Allana
Gart Darley
Ty Danylchuk
Alex Demasson

Sara Downey
Leya Tess
Eli Hirtle
Nicholas Robins
Katie Sage

Jordy Buckles
Chris Hernandez
Zoe Cassidy
Justine Sawyer
Jonathan Peterson
Crystal Heath
Tessa Mythos
Sam Sharp
Aubrey Burke
Andrew Dick

E.R. Gott
Bronwyn McMillin
Ross Macauley
Jacquelyn Bortolussi
Paige Phillips
Nicholas Vandergugten
Matthew Fleet
Nicole Boyce
Naomi Kennedy
Janet Walker
Julie Gennai
Huey Godron
Shandie Woodward
Robin Yuen
Caitlin McDonagh
Jonathan Dowdall
Mary Patterson
Zsofin Sheehy
Theresa Slater
Mikhail Miller
Kristopher Ray
Brenna Chekerda
Shane Appleton
Remia Wong
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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