Tessa Helweg-Larsen : Interconnection: A Series of Black and White Hand Drawings

Fri. March 14th 2014 - Fri. April 4th 2014
@  Odeon Alley 760 Yates
Tessa is from Mission, BC, and moved to Victoria when she was 9. She is a minimalist who believes in environmental and social sustainability. Therefore she practices permaculture, herbalism, appreciates the wild, and holds a community-oriented lifestyle.

She creates her detailed black and white hand-drawings along with bright acrylic paintings to express her love and concern for Vancouver Island's bioregion. She believes in an equality between all forms of life - plants, animals and humans. Her art represents the humbleness she holds towards other beings and the people in her life. Her art also illustrates the invisible web which weaves humans together with the land.

Tessa has had her art on display in the “Little Fernwood Gallery”; “Inspire! Shawnigan Arts, Culture and Heritage Society” and has sold prints of her artwork at multiple markets. She currently has her paintings on display in “Cabin 12 restaurant”.


Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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