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FUNNNER bikes home; Part 1-- Pocket Full of Almonds;Fist Full of Mint

Mon. June 23rd 2014
5pm - 10pm doors at 5pm
FUNNNER is biking,dancing, poetrying, and singing to Winnipeg!! This will be an interactive poetry/dance/music performance to raise funds for the trip---------

grabbed an idea from an art school dumpster
mounted the quantum computer
to the handlebars of my bike
stole the federal budget for provocateurs
and bought a yacht made of prayers for neutrality

pocket full of almonds; fist full of mint

and a can of beans

If you read this and you are an undercover cop,
and i talked to you about art in some art gallery corner
please go home to your kids
please quit your job

please pray
for before thoughts
for after thoughts
for no side of a coin
for something new
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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