Zoe Cassidy : Dreamscapes

Fri. September 19th 2014 - Tue. September 30th 2014
@  The Ministry of Casual Living (All Ages)
Zoe Cassidy, b. Toronto 1989, grew up on both coasts of Canada. He creates works in a variety of mediums, and enjoys using found and scavenged materials. Cassidy seeks not to imitate, but to be in dialogue with nature; to explore his relationship as an indistinguishable part of it, and to reconnect minds that can trick themselves into thinking they are separate from it. His work explores the relationship between the viewer and the landscape, and seeks to emote the feelings of joy and reverence that one can feel when looking at this world. His wish is for viewers to look closer- at both the micro and the macro aspects of our realm.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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