Anti-Matter Film Festival : The Secret Handshake

Wed. October 15th 2014 - Fri. October 31st 2014
@  1060 North Park St.
Dusk till 11pm Daily
The Secret Handshake
Karin and Didi Fromherz
Installation Loop | 4:30 | Switzerland | 2014

In a classroom, “The Best Handshake Ever“ is being recorded with a smartphone camera. At the same time a catastrophe is escalating in the schoolyard.

Karin and Didi Fromherz are a Swiss artistic duo who primarily create single channel video works as well as media installations. Their work has been exhibited in festivals and galleries internationally. In addition to this output they are active in the creation of animated television, as animators and voice talent. Both Fromherz’ have been recipients of various scholarships and prizes in Europe. They live and work in Trogen.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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