SOLE POWER : Aubrey Burke mobile performance

Tue. March 17th 2015
@  Centennial square, Galloping Goose
Come join Aubrey Burke on this Group Bike ride performance!

Mystery Hair
roaming streets gyspy shoes
fiddle drowning out your sorrows
moving faster
down the street
cross the bridge
singing and dancing under walkways
howling at the sun

Aubrey Burke is a creator that hails from Victoria BC where he grew up in a family of clowns. He is an experimenter and artist who tries to bring the new and strange to life. He studied visual arts at the University of Victoria and spent a good number of years working in art related activities around Victoria including running the OFF THE GRID Art Crawl ( Integrate Art festival), working at Open Space, The Ministry of Causal Living and Anti Matter Film Festival.

He is now living in Vancouver jamming on music and art related activities.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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