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Fri. August 14th 2015 - Fri. August 28th 2015
@  Odeon Alley
I am an artist, writer, and curator. I hold a BFA in Visual Arts (2015) from Emily Carr University with a focus in printmaking, sculpture and critical, cultural theory. Writing and curatorial practice feeds my art making as each creates space for me to dissect the specificity of my experiences and contextualize the theoretical lens I use to approach all of my endeavors. My decolonial praxis grapples with the complexity of my settler colonial identity and seeks to move towards personal and collective accountability and mobility. I am invested in art’s capability to communicate complex and poetic ideas, to be a bearer of histories and to instigate action. My practice is an investigation of resource extraction and its infrastructures, and ecosystems impacted by invasive species. I tactically employ guerrilla art, conceptual smuggling and collaborative experiences in British Columbia’s remote wilderness in order to develop strategic interventions and a visual vocabulary about dissent and empire. My current body of work explores an overarching thematic that I have titled, A Landscape of Colonial Inheritance, which depicts and confronts the lived reality of ongoing environmental exploitation and current colonial occupation of the territories known as British Columbia.
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