POlka-Dot Oktopuss(y) Kollective : Secret Sketchbook Harvest

Fri. September 25th 2015 - Fri. October 9th 2015
@  Odeon Alley
The POlka-Dot Oktopuss(y) Kollective-(Debora Alanna, Roy Green and Pj Kelly) present a phantasmagorical panoply of drawings and stuff for your viewing pleasure-poetry, muzik , and performative hi-jinks may ensue!

the polka dot oktopuss kollective are cultural watchdogs of the pacific rim, chasing the parked cars of conformity and defecating on the fire hydrants of neo-conservativism...the PDOK are murky cephalopods transgressing the murky realms of trampoline laser beam notebookz...the PDOK are elusice like electric eels and just as tasy with our tohorax abdomens anointed with balsamic fig olive oil fig butter secretions that make even a toothless vampire drool drool...the PDOK are peg-legged avatars of backyard hijinks as the flowery gravy boats are festooned with the tantric aromas of Cointreau flavored bong water...
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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