Jacquie Bird Day : Everyday Ritual

Fri. November 6th 2015 - Fri. November 20th 2015
@  Odeon Alley
A photographic representation of the ritual of everyday life, and the people, spaces and places involved in ceremony in parts of Indonesia, Thailand and India.

About the work and artist:
This exhibit shows photographs from Bali, Indonesia; Bangkok, Thailand, and Kerala, India. Jacquie has lived and worked in South India and spent time in Indonesia and Thailand. She is continually inspired by the ritual of everyday living, as well as in the mysticism of ceremonial experiences. She also has a profound appreciation for the beauty that lives within the details; highlighted especially by using black and white photography. She strives to see things simply as they are- as neither separate nor similar, but through the interwoven fabric of the quantum human experience. The aim of this exhibit is to show that ritual is just as much novel as it is normal. Jacquie Bird Day is a photographer, social worker and apprenticing astrologer who resides in Victoria, BC. Her life is dedicated to the sacred, the mysterious and the wild. This is her debut show.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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