☼ The Sound of the Mountain ☼ Night Tide ☼ Friedman /Krause duo ☼ General gruff

Fri. December 18th 2015
@  1056A North Park St.
8 - 11 doors at 7
✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯ $10 ✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯✯

__________ from Montréal __________
☼☼☼ The Sound of the Mountain ☼☼☼
---- Craig Pedersen // Elizabeth Millar -----
-----amplified trumpet / clarinet music-----

★★★★★ PLUS sets from ★★★★★

-----☼ General Gruff- Sitar / electronic☼-----
---☼Night Tide - ambient electronics☼---
☼Friedman/Krause duo- free jazz clarinets☼


The Sound of the Mountain is Elizabeth Millar and Craig Pedersen. Playing amplified clarinet and trumpet, they fill rooms with sounds of breath, wind, wood and metal, creating an intimate noise. They perform long pieces often spanning 30-40 minutes, which take their audience through a rich and rewarding sound experience. They are recently returned from concerts in Australia and South-East Asia and are currently working on their first recording to be released in early 2016.

Craig Pedersen is trumpet player and experimental musician living in Montréal, Canada. Since 2011, Craig has released ten albums, ranging between composed material to improvisation, through jazz, free music, country, and klezmer, in a variety of ensembles. Recent highlights of this work have included collaborations and/or performances with Joe Morris, Shayna Dulberger, Jean Derome, Joane Hetu, Lori Freedman, Nicolas Caloia, Ian Birse and Laura Kavanaugh (Instant Places), and Mark Molnar (Kingdom Shore). His method book exploring extended techniques for the trumpet, Trumpet Sound Effects, was published by Berklee Press and Hal Leonard in November of 2014.

Elizabeth Millar is currently studying a music performance major in Fine Arts at Concordia University with world-renowned contemporary and improvising clarinettist Lori Freedman. Elizabeth is an active improviser in Montreal and has performed across Canada and internationally in Australia and South-East Asia. She continues to develop an innovative and unorthodox approach to her instrument and to her performance art practice.


Night Tide is a solo project by Soma Morse using pedals, tapedecks and tape, radio signals, feedback loops, contact mic and other objects to generate sound. Drawing on the techniques and processes of ambient, drone and harsh noise, Night Tide has been playing shows since 2012. Previous projects include Froghat & Sofaqueen (2008-2011), a DIY collab with Jennye Rieper. In addition to Night Tide, ongoing projects include bands Nearly Dead (trumpet, pedals) and Ruby Karinto (pedals, synthesizer).


Friedman / Krause duo

Nathan Friedman is a clarinetist and composer currently based in Victoria, BC. He studied composition and experimental music at Wesleyan University and UVic and has improvised with Anthony Braxton, Gino Robair, François Houle, Joëlle Léandre, Mats Gustafsson, Nicole Mitchell, Wayne Horvitz and Taylor Ho Bynum. He is currently a member of the Victoria Composers Collective, the Friedman/Krause Duo, A Place to Listen Ensemble and The Swinging Pendulums.

Shane Krause is an improvising baritone saxophonist and clarinetist (Eb, Bb, and Bass Clarinets). Shane’s focus is on improvised music but he also has a performs music from the jazz and classical spectrums, including jazz, free jazz, chamber music, new music and common practice classical music.


A special message from General Gruff


Improvisation is misnomer. The very best improvisational work you will ever hear comes from a foregrounding in relentless practice, experimentation, and more often than not a basis in deeply structural musical forms. All of that rehearsal for the moment of sublime creation allows musicians to appear as though they are pulling something miraculous up out of nowhere. Behind every miracle is a deep science. This what my teacher, Shambhu Das always told me about Hindustani Classical Music. I studied the theory and practice of it with him for 20 years. It is music of boundless invention, founded in the most complicated science music has to offer.

Besides the sitar, I spent my childhood and youth at a music school, studying Western musical theory, composition, studying/playing jazz music, touring. I went through that whole conservatory thing. I played guitar in a death metal band. Later on I got interested in the traditional music of the Appalachians and I learned to play banjo (fairly well) and fiddle (not so very well, yet). I play in oldtime bands and I go to festivals. I also have had a long held interest in electronic music, and noise music, and I have put out a few albums, and fried a few speakers. I've built my own bizarre instruments.

I don't know what I plan to do in this show, but I'll try to make it good.
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