Ciel Arbour-Boehme : Bag of dirt, clean sock, fresh fruit.

Fri. February 12th 2016 - Fri. February 26th 2016
Exhibition statement:

'Bag of dirt, clean sock, fresh fruit.’ is an installation meant to be nothing but the physical object that it is; it’s purpose is to be visually-appealing, and without meaning. Viewers are welcomed, but not encouraged, to instill metaphor. The piece explores colour, rhythm, impulse, pattern, negative space, abuse, neocolonialism, and surveillance.

Artist's Bio:

Ciel lives in a liberal democracy where she is able to vote and enjoy many other privileges such as candy and human rights. Ciel’s pieces range from video art to oil paints, and from photography to sculpture; the vast majority of her work has no purpose other than fulfilling an obligation to be visually-appealing. She believes meaning and metaphor are sometimes limiting to her work, so she emphasizes the importance of technique, knowledge, critical thought, and impulsivity. She often draws from a visual checklist in order to produce her work, but finds that all of her work overlap in their steps of production. Ciel finds herself most happy working with video, photography, sculpture, and painting.

Contact : [email protected]
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IG : frenchforsky
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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