Clare Aimee : Piggyback

Fri. February 26th 2016 - Fri. March 11th 2016
Exhibition Statement:

Thinking about transportation and without anyone in mind, I painted Piggyback. I was curious about how humans can use other humans as transportation, and how it in turn becomes the most intimate form. With the idea of trusting someone not to drop you, I tried to mimic the stumbly gestures that happen while carrying the weight of another human being.

Artists Bio:

I was raised in Saskatchewan, and am now currently working towards my BFA at the University of Victoria. I mainly focus on photography, but I have committed this past year to abandoning my artistic crutch and exploring other mediums such as painting, sculpture, ceramics and printmaking. While withdrawing from my initial form of art-making, I have fallen in love with these new mediums and how they relate and contrast with one another.


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Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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