Planomaniac presenting A Strong Man

Sat. March 5th 2016 - Mon. February 15th 2016
@  Ministry of Casual Living 1056A North Park
A Strong Man featuring Musical Guests TBA
Electric veined vixens, submerged in the deep recesses of heavy personal confessions. Ive loved, made love to and fucked hard the infinate life and earth cycle and have been humbled. I hope to envoke with this show a feeling similar to blissful insignificance. The ease that comes from looking up at the tree,a mountain the sky and feeling absolutely small yet still part of all its vastness. How our perceptiom of what dark or taboo is just our fear and how beautiful our realitiy becomes when we just sit back and observe how perfect it is at just being what is is.

How deeply necessary it is to be exposed to the things we find grotesque or discomforting, because these are just operunities to dicover, explore and more in tune with how we know ourselves and those arounds us.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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