150 Bike Wheels Later

Sun. May 1st 2016 - Thu. May 5th 2016
@  ministry of casual living 1056a north park
24 hrs
Make the Bike Dome come to life over May 1st-5th at the Ministry of Casual Living. Contribute by decorating a rim that will be used in the final installation held at Other World this summer. We call upon the bicycle gravyards for all of your scrap, busted rims. Bring out your dead! Wheels! This colaborative intallation kicks off with a workshop on DIY strings of LED'S. Come celebrate all the final wheels with a closing party on the 5th! Come celebrate the Bike World imaginings.

WORKSHOP \\ 5.1.2016 - 16:20:00 - 17:55:55
Learn how to make strings of LED's using old speaker wire, batteries, and hot glue. All materials provided. Donations are accepted. *no electrical experience required
Joining are two such wiring wizzes: Liam Cline and Helen Roy. Both have completed numerous works with LEDs; the former even showcased a collaborative piece at the 2014 TEDx gala. Both are also electrical engineers during the day and are in the midst of establising a consumer collective to provide affordable parts for budding electronics makers.
Please RSVP: [email protected]

INTERACTIVE\\DURATIONAL//PERFORMANCE 5.2.2016 - 5.3.2016 - 5.4.2016
Join in the creative process and beautify some old rims with yarn! Finished wheels will be hung on the walls, constantly rotating as more get made over the span of 3 days. If the lights on/doors open, come in! And/Or arrange a time: [email protected]

Enjoy the crazed Artopilot wheel binge experience
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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