Cat Parker : Metamorphosis

Wed. May 11th 2016 - Wed. May 25th 2016
@  Odeon Alley Window
Exhibition statement:

My most recent body of work focuses upon the concept of metamorphosis and self growth. Intrigued by the biological process by which an animal, or in this case humans not only physically change, but emotionally and intellectually. Often involving or following a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in our structure through cell growth and differentiation, like the morphing from chrysalis to butterfly.

My focus in these particular paintings is the fusion of organic fluid motion, with concrete reality. Creating a merging of styles both abstract and surreal, bringing you into a parallel dimension of transformation. Using bold and vibrant colours to capture not only the eye but the heart, I'm hoping to bring people into the divine cosmic realm within to inspire change and growth.

Artist Bio:

Born in 1992 Victoria B.C, Cat is a young self-taught artist. Trying to paint her way into the art world with big dreams, she is flexible with a number of different mediums and surfaces. Her favorite mediums include acrylic, watercolor, pencil crayon and pen/ink. Cat's style can be described as playful, experimental, whimsical and versatile. In 2003 Cat won the Rock Solid art contest in Victoria B.C at the young age of 11. Her painting “Cat in the grass” was displayed at the Trackside Art Gallery along side other finalists including Robert Batemen. The piece was later displayed at Maltwood Art museum and Gallery, where it sold. In 2005 Cat moved to the Okanagan where she took on some small commission projects. Painting chicken coops, mailboxes, billboards for small businesses and displaying her art in local cafes, she made a small name for herself in the Enderby district. In 2010 she moved back to Victoria B.C with dreams of art success and to be part of a vibrant art community that is characteristic of the beautiful west coast island.

Contact info:

Cat Parker

[email protected]

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