Angela McKinnon : Life's Dope

Wed. May 25th 2016 - Wed. June 8th 2016
@  Odeon Alley Window
Exhibition Statement:

Angela McKinnon's new series 'Life's Dope' celebrates the complexity of cannabis culture. Using collage, mantra-like typography, and zen doodles she hopes to inspire dialogue concerning addiction and personal growth. The background is made up of delicately put together pages of John Grisham novels (this one specifically 'The Appeal'). Many ask the significance. It started as up-cycling an abused book on the side of the road and continued as a deep appreciation for the authors style of communication and vocabulary. Those familiar with Grisham's work might find his legal, corporate lingo an interesting juxtaposition to Angela's words of positivity.

Artist's Bio:

Angela Lorraine McKinnon is a multi-media artist based in Victoria B.C. She studied cultural anthropology at the University of Victoria and is passionate about promoting community wellness through artistic expression. Angela is new to the art scene, only ever showing her art unofficially at the Moss Street Paint-In and doing commission pieces in her signature style. Her distinctive pop-art style paintings are both meditatively created and admired.

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Email: [email protected] for commission.

Cell: 250-216-8451
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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