Wed. June 22nd 2016 - Sun. June 26th 2016
@  ministry of casual living 1056A north park
After brings together four artists working with projections, installations, drawings, food and photography. Unified through a residency in Japan in the summer of 2015, they share similar content and materials, and emphasize collaboration.

Collectively, the artists Shiowaki, Petays, Negishi and Chen are each engaged with memory and immediacy in their work—something they push further by responding/reacting to each other’s forms and ideas.

Chen: “The Summer of 2015, Onishi Japan. Humid air vibrating with cicadas. Friendly residents and a relaxed pace of life. Skin covered in mosquito bites. A lush landscape in all shades of green. Swimming in the lake with new friends. Beer fueled nights and long conversations. Collaborative drawings and midnight bike rides.”

Negishi: “I really don't think. I just feel. Really, this is what I think.”

Petays: after meeting many tree spirits in the forests of Onishi I am sensitive to ecological fragility. My installation suggests vulnerable environments —an unstable world in a moment of transformation. I want to form relationships between living and nonliving things, seeking the space where the connection of animate or inanimate becomes uncertain.

Shiowaki: is looking for a way to feel nature because grew up in the city. I believe that it’s because nature exists that human have life. People sometimes forget about it. Shiowaki use driftwood this installation. You can feel the world that driftwood have seen and time that had lived as tree.

SeanPiZZ∆: I am a music producer/musician, 23, Victoria BC, with an immense appreciation of all genres of music, but work most in hip-hop, RnB & sampling
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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