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Interactive Astrodrama Workshop

Sun. June 26th 2016
@  the ministry of casual living 1056A North Park
1pm - 7pm
Astrology, The Science of Light, is a detailed and complex system of knowledge. Humans learn best and most rapidly through storytelling. the purpose of danceoftheplanets interactive astrodrama workshops is to give the valuable tool of astrological language to individuals for their own use and interpretation. I feel strongly that no one ever knows a person better than themselves, and any individual's astrology is accurately revealed only through their life itself. the principle here is that we all will do it differently. I seek to start people on their path to astrological language so that they can be empowered to interpret their lives themselves. As a superscience more than 5000 yrs. old, astrology provides a simple , basic language with which the complications of lives can be understood and made optimum use of. The workshop is designed to be a lot of fun. We will impersonate the planets and bring their energies and actions in our lives to life. This workshop will give the opportunity to meet directly face to face with the planetary energies and discover in action your own inherent relationships with these energies. We will personify the planets for one another, bringing them alive . this will create a recognition of these dynamics in every day lives, and the opportunity to work consciously with the planetary cycles.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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