Drawings by Dorone: Art and Eviction Slumber Party

Mon. June 27th 2016 - Thu. June 30th 2016
@  ministry of casual living 1056A north park
Dorone has been painting for six years and this is their first time showing their paintings and drawings. This work focuses on the free forms of nature that the pen and brush speak about in squiggles and swirls and chance. Dorone hopes this group of pictures will reveal more of their process and their love for sketchiness and shade and simplicity. Some of the work was created in resistance to Dorone's personal struggle with police brutality and oppression, creating free flowing outdoor scenes while confined indoors.

Bring blankets and pillows and flashlights. We will be having some shadow puppets, story time, whipped cream fights, massage train, lots of fun stuff. its the last dayls of our gallery. Let's go out in style.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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