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Thu. August 4th 2016 - Thu. August 18th 2016
@  Odeon Alley Window
NASARIMBA (meaning mischief)

A collaborative project.

NASARIMBA is a regeneration of the TMC (Tender Mountain Clan) group project that was active in Calgary from 2005-08. The TMC made collaborative artworks on pieces of cutout wooden shapes and nailed them to telephone poles in various communities around town. The pieces were public art interventions with the intent of beautifying urban landscapes by seizing the opportunity to display art freely in unregulated, non-curated spaces.

Upon relocating to Calgary in November 2015, Rachel and Mikhail observed the lasting TMC pieces standing guard around the city. Many have deteriorated and become mysteriously unrecognizable however the potential of the project remains strong. They started to make vivid paintings/sculptures out of salvaged wood and house paint, intending to screw them up on poles. Their process involves amassing a collection of cutout shapes, painting these shapes specific colour hues, and assembling the sculptural compositions with a nail gun. Each piece is a kind of visual poem manifested through a meditation on colour and form.

By March 2016, they had made two series of pieces and mounted them around the city. Encouraged and energized, their work started to progress in material, size and composition. This exhibition at The Ministry of Casual Living is an appreciated opportunity to showcase a collection of new work that has not yet been gifted to the public domain.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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