Kyla Slobodin, Traces

Thu. December 28th 2017 - Mon. January 15th 2018
@  Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery
These paintings were created through a close examination of the marks left in places and spaces that often are forgotten about and subsequently are built upon over time - marks, scratches, and worn down surfaces can be imagined as the ghostly remnants formed from a collection of moments and by our repetitive interaction with the world around us. Painting, copying and "re-tracing" these marks, I focused on recreating their form, patterns and texture. I used a variety of materials ranging from, found plywood, fabric dye, white out, gauche, and acrylics paint - these paintings are the documentation of the covert omnipresent memories left behind in our day to day lives.
Presented by: The Ministry of Casual Living
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