inside (we are all): BOXCARSIX

Fri. July 5th 2019 - Sun. July 14th 2019
@  The Ministry of Casual Living Free (All Ages)
Opening: Friday, July 5, 7-10pm Viewing: July 6-7, 12-4pm, July 13-14, 12-4pm
inside (we are all)

MoCL Devonshire Studio Gallery
Opening reception: Friday, July 5, 7-10pm
Viewing: July 6-7, 12-4pm, July 13-14, 12-4pm,

The concept of inside is the catalyst for a new installation created by BOXCARSIX, a Victoria-based feminist contemporary artist collective. For such a little word, inside holds much: it is laden with possibilities of privilege and belonging, but these depend upon its opposite – outside – and the borders, walls, and modes of thinking built to keep the right people inside and the wrong people out.

BOXCARSIX will alter the gallery to create a new space - a new inside - within which the visitor will be able to experience and re-consider notions of belonging – in our bodies, in our domestic spaces and even the urban and industrial landscapes in which we live.

Using household and industrial materials, juxtaposing hard and soft, the installation will create a bodily experience of inside, one that resonates personally and joins in the wider dialogue regarding who decides what it means to be inside.

Supported by a CRD Project Grant

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