Achille’s Bellybutton: Jasmine Wright, Kai Choufour

Fri. August 2nd 2019 - Sun. August 4th 2019
@  The Ministry of Casual Living Free (All Ages)
Opening reception: Friday, August 2, 7-10pm
Achille’s Bellybutton:
Jasmine Wright
Kai Choufour

MoCL Devonshire Studio Gallery
Opening reception: Friday, August 2, 7-10pm
Viewing: August 3-4, 12-5pm

The term “Achilles heel” refers to an entity's singular weakness.

This idea, melded with the fact that our bellybutton is our original source of life; our connection to our Mother, and by extension, Mother Nature.

Coupled with the association between stomachs and smaller strands of eating habits, such as; allergies, appetites and preferences. We continue along this wave into cuisines, tradition, distribution, global food production, and waste. All together, Achille's Bellybutton attempts to state that our collective appetite, gluttony and greed is our downfall.

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