SUBLUNARY: A night Of Extraordinary Art: Maddy Elia, Zola Kell, Aimée Lévesque, Sabrina Blanchard, Anne-Marie Fortin, Aimée van Drimmelen, Ashley Ohtsijah Hall

Fri. August 30th 2019 - Sun. September 1st 2019
@  The Ministry of Casual Living Free (All Ages)
SUBLUNARY: An exhibition featuring new experimental art by seven talented artists

Maddy Elia
Zola Kell
Aimée Lévesque
Sabrina Blanchard
Anne-Marie Fortin
Aimée van Drimmelen
Ashley Ohtsijah Hall

MoCL Devonshire Studio Gallery
Opening Friday August 30th
Viewing: Sat, Aug 31th, Sun, Sept 1st

Sublunary refers to the liminal sphere of existence between the earth and the moon. A word derived from Aristotelian physics, this sub-lunar sphere was considered mundane, changeable and imperfect. Within this sublunary sphere our lives spring up out of the teeming earth. It is writhing with life, ever changing and growing and dying, eventually withering into a perfectly absorbable ooze. Millions of familiar movements punctuated by shocks of change against the backdrop of entropy

Join us for a night of beautiful art, music and libations!! Hope to see you all there!

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