Disposable Angels: Alison Bigg

Fri. January 24th 2020 - Sat. February 15th 2020
Alison Bigg’s ongoing series, Disposable Angels, stems from her collection of ‘throw-away’ angels. She is incorporating them into her work by using them as armatures for soap, sugar and gelatin casts. The result is an over-indulgent profusion of glom. A cornucopia of iconography that resembles the telling of a new mythology for our saturated-by-garbage times. Garbage that is stuff, that is news and insipid information, that is our shared guilt, that is drowning and suffocating us literally and metaphorically.

Water Carrier represents the weight of it all.

Lift Me Up portrays the desire to fly away and leave that weight behind.

Angel on Horseback explores the ‘saviour’ attitude some have when it comes to cultures they don't understand. http://www.abigg.ca

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