Urbanlite: Gina Luke, Levi Glass

Sat. March 28th 2020 - Sat. April 18th 2020
The installation Urbanlite, will transform the existing Ministry of Casual Living’s window into a functional, outdoor, public use SAD lamp.

The installation’s production of radiant soft light is a response to Victoria’s unique geographical location, a rain forested area that is nourished by its precipitous conditions. Just as the rainclouds replenish Victoria, the Urbanlite design replenishes and revitalizes those who gather around, by offering a dose of light and a community space to re-energize and re-connect. The functionality (SAD light rays) is ironic; poking fun at the sometimes challenging weather conditions that Victorians face. It’s an expression of how one may adapt to living in a Northern region while illuminating a space for togetherness and wellbeing. Urbanlite has the power to make our cities more livable during every season through its bright aesthetic appeal, humorous value, and ability to draw a wide audience into contemporary, community oriented space.

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