SUPERPOD: Natasha van Netten

Sat. May 30th 2020 - Sat. June 20th 2020
This installation depicts the entire population of southern resident killer whales living in the Salish Sea: currently 72. This unique group of orca have been a small population since numbers were first recorded in 1976—fluctuating between 70 and 99 members. This installation echoes the fragility of their fluctuating population and highlights the value and importance of each individual

About the Artist: Natasha van Netten is a Victoria-based visual artist. Her practice focuses on whales, cetology (the study of whales) and marine sciences. She received a Diploma of Fine Art from the Vancouver Island School of Art and has exhibited in the United States, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, New Zealand, Iceland and in various Canadian galleries and venues.

Instagram @n_van_netten
Facebook @nvannettenart

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