Oneiric Demesne: June Higgins

Sun. January 3rd 2021 - Sun. January 24th 2021
Acrylic on Canvas
48" x 48"

Artist Statement
My paintings reflect my keen interest in pattern. It is a method of communication, adorning buildings, housewares, clothing and bodies since prehistory – an intriguing part of human expression.
Using a projector and ornamental details from architecture and interiors, I paint directly onto the canvas. Works that were made in stone, tile or plaster end up being translated from the physical to digital to the intangibility of light and back to a physical thing in the form of a painting. Placement, scale, repetition, fragmentation and colour are all considered as I build each one.
Layered, repetitive pattern fragments lose their connection to time and space in this richly ornamented environment. Background and surface merge to create an unidentifiable location where residual remnants are transformed from their original context. Endless repeated decorative forms are frozen in a moment of precarious transition and become reinvented to create a dynamic yet ambiguous pictorial space that is neither real nor imagined.

June Higgins is a visual artist in Victoria, British Columbia. In addition to creating paintings, she makes installations and sculptures from unusual materials. Higgins’ art work is non-representational and ambiguous in its subject matter, allowing the viewer to define their own story.
June received her Diploma of Fine Arts from the Vancouver Island School of Art and her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) from the University of Gloucestershire, England. Her work has been shown in galleries in in England and the Greater Victoria area, and is in personal collections in Canada.
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