Sweet Dreams: Angus Ferguson

Sun. March 7th 2021 - Sun. March 28th 2021
Sweet Dreams, 2021, oil on canvas, found object and wood on window, approx. 42” x 54” x 6”

“Sweet Dreams” is a composite of sculpture, painting and found objects; a small painting of an idyllic home floating on a discarded window holding a remnant of domestic kitsch. The work is from a recent series considering cultural detritus; objects of kitsch and other decorative elements left in basements and thrift stores once cherished but now forgotten. Combining painting with craft, kitsch and architecture allows for a less didactic reading of the work, hopefully offering an open narrative rather than furthering tired discourse around high and low forms of art.

Angus Ferguson moved to Victoria in 2016 from Vancouver. He holds a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design and MFA from the University of Victoria. He has shown in artist-run centres and commercial galleries in Canada which include Belkin Satellite, Blanket Gallery, Burrard Arts Foundation, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Chernoff Fine Art, and CSA Space.

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