Sara Korzec/Sigma

Sat. June 26th 2021 - Sun. July 18th 2021
Sara Korzec is an artist and a designer working with various new and traditional media, experimental architecture and sustainable design. She holds a M.Arch. from Cracow University of Technology and M.F.A. from Academy of Fine Arts in the Intermedia Department, both in Krakow, PL .

She divides her artistic practice into four personas/identities/brands; each one is responsible for a slightly different direction: Imposter, Sigma, Prima, Fo Kowalsky. Imposter derives from her architectural background, concentrates on installations and experiments with space, usually understood intimately. Sigma creates and researches images (new and mixed media, paintings, objects) inspired by symbols and uncertainty of life. Fo Kowalsky captures and edits poetic photographs. Prima researches silenced mechanisms of the body through movement, voice and breath. Although recently they started to blend back together, it seems. In all works respect to Mother Earth is crucial, thus reclaimed or recyclable materials are often used.
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